Using Clubhouse to make more connections | Were you on with us? What you missed!

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Hey everyone, it is Elizabeth with Contact Mapping, and I want to talk to you. I just got off Clubhouse. Now, I know there are people who absolutely love Clubhouse, and then there’s people who are just like “I don’t know about Clubhouse” and all of this, but I want to talk to you about what just happened. So we have a room in Clubhouse and we talk about The Secrets of Connecting, of being able to create those authentic relationships of being able to have the friends list that everybody always envies of other people, like “you know this person, you know this person”. And here’s the thing about that. I don’t spend a ton and ton of time in Clubhouse. And I know there’s people out there who spend hours and hours and hours in this and that. I love Clubhouse strategically.

And it’s strategically making those most important connections. It’s not about “Oh, you know, look at us, look at us” and stuff like that, that so many people are trying to do in Clubhouse. But what you can do is that if you want to increase your network, when you’re in there, start to authentically connect with people, listen to their story and then map them. And mapping them is remembering what they said and reaching out to them. Maybe it’s Instagram, maybe it’s Facebook, whatever their social media profile or their Clubhouse profile has on there, but reaching out to them and just saying “hi” and telling them exactly what part of what they said was meaningful to you. When you start to create authentic connections, what’s going to end up happening is that doors are gonna open for you. You’re going to have friends that you wouldn’t believe.

I mean, the people that I get to meet in there and the people that I get to speak to, they are amazing. They’ve done so much. They’ve come through so much. They help so much. They do so much for other people. And the thing of it is, is that in this time of isolation, things are starting to open up some, but the reality is a lot of places are still under lockdown. In a lot of places, you still can’t go out and really socialize. In a lot of places, you can’t just do things. And right now we are finding Clubhouse and amazing place to connect with people, meet new people, share experiences and stories, network with together and just create those authentic relationships. So if you’re not on Clubhouse, or if you want to learn The Secrets every Thursday at 3:00 PM MT, we are in there.

And so I want you to reach out to us and let us know if you’re not there yet, if you need an invite, you need to be able to get into — access to our room. Please let us know, because I’ll tell you, the conversations that we had last week and what people shared on how they’re authentically connecting with people, how they’re changing their lives, how they’re changing their businesses, how they’re doing these things. You miss something great. And unfortunately, they’re not really recorded, like, you know, you don’t just press record and just go hit a replay. That’s not really what Clubhouse is about. Clubhouse is about connection together now. So if you’re not joining us every Thursday, I want to make sure that you say something down below or reach out to me. We’ll make sure to get you a link, to be able to get in there, because I’ll tell you the conversation that we just had this Thursday was absolutely incredible.

The people that were in that room were absolutely amazing. And these are not people that you ever want to miss. These are the people that you want to meet. So join us, if you haven’t, if you didn’t get a chance to join us, make sure you join us this week. If you don’t have an invite for Clubhouse, or if you need one, or if you need to know where to find that room, say something down below, reach out to us. I’ll tell you — if you’re on this Contact Mapping journey with us — it has changed my life authentically connecting and learning. How to really, really create those real relationships. There’s nothing in this world like it. And I promise you, it will change every area of your life, if you do it. This is Elizabeth. I love you guys. I hope I get to see you sometime soon. I can not wait until the world opens back up and we all get to start hugging each other again. Love you guys. I’ll talk to you soon. Bye.