Contact Mapping is a Philosophy, a System, and an App

Transform the way you connect with people; take your business and personal relationships to the next level.

Develop More Meaningful Relationships

The foundation of Contact Mapping is the discipline of (1) recording a few important details from each interaction you have with another human, and (2) always setting a reminder for your next touch point.

These two tiny actions will transform your ability to develop meaningful business and personal relationships. Connect with people more frequently and authentically because you are using follow-up reminders to make sure no relationship ever falls through the cracks.

Remember The Things That Matter… Easily!

Voice To Text makes it easy to “Brain Dump” notes about all of your contacts and remember what is most important.

Integrated Search makes it easy to locate notes and contacts based on any piece of information you can remember.

Follow Up The Way You Should

The Fortune is in the Follow-Up.

Follow-up is not only essential in sales; it is just as important to building relationships in general.

As you go about your daily activities, you are meeting new people all the time. In many of those cases, you establish a rapport in that first interaction to the point where the other person would appreciate hearing from you again.

But how often do you actually follow up?

Contact Mapping makes following up easy by prompting you to set your follow up intention each time you enter a note, and then reminding you each day when follow-ups are due.

Become A Superconnector
Build Lasting Relationships


Think about the number of times you hear in a conversation that there is a problem the other person is trying to solve, that has nothing to do with your business...

What if you always had someone in mind who could provide a solution?

As you get into the habit of Contact Mapping the value of that database is first in its power to serve those around you, and second, for your own business. You will be able to better connect with more people because your interest in their needs becomes a genuine expression of who you, and your business, are.

What You Get With A
Contact Mapping Membership

  • A proven system to help grow & build lasting relationships.
  • A smart phone app that will help you implement your practice.
  • Follow-up reminders with notes on what to follow up about.
  • A database of contacts & potential clients.
  • An easy way to find notes & contacts in seconds.
  • Trainings & inspirational content available to members only.

Transform Your Relationships