I’m edgy, I’m frustrated, I’m resentful | How to make your life better by being a better human being

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Good morning, everybody, it is Tom Chenault, and hopefully you are having the absolute best day of your life, and I am coming with kind of a crazy topic today because I want to just address my head space because COVID has been a long haul and I have really, really been burning the candle at both ends for a year. I mean, it’s really— you know, I’ve done a lot as far as stayed true to the game, but I think I started reading my own press clippings. I started feeling a little bit sorry for myself. I started getting a little edgy. I started looking outward instead of inward and I stopped performing to my best self. And I started pointing at the failings of other people versus what I should be doing myself to become a better man, a better person, a better husband, a better dad, a better leader, a better contact mapper.

And, phoning it in, it’s just so overrated, and being edgy and just not being that person I know I’m capable of being, is something that, you know, I just knew I was good enough. In the last couple of weeks, I’m just standing inside of “you know, what? I’m edgy, I’m frustrated, I’m resentful” and I’m all those things. And I kept looking outward at all that. And finally, I got in a couple of conversations, tough conversations with people and the pendulum turned, because I was able to look inward at what I’m really producing and what I’m really doing versus what I’m judging everybody else for them not doing. And I know one thing for first positive, I can be better. I can be better. And that doesn’t mean more productive. That doesn’t mean “more this, more that”. It doesn’t mean all those things, but more kind, more loving, more in the game, more caring about what you’re feeling, what you’re going through, what you’re doing and how I can help you.

And that’s all I want to do is make your life better. I want to do that. I do. I do. I do, because I know if I make your life better, my life gets better. And I want everybody’s life to get a heck of a lot better. So how do I do that? I look inward at every areas of my life. What is it? Exercise. I look at that. I look at my marriage. I look at my business. I look at Contact Mapping. I look, if I’m really being my word on follow-up on all these things that I tell people to be better at, and you know what? So I’m standing inside of that and I noticed the word “but” a lot: “I would do that… BUT”, but there’s nothing on the other side of “but” I’ve got to do that no matter what you do, no matter what you think of me.

What you think of me, really is none of my business. I’ve got to be a whole lot better and that’s what I’m going to do. I’m not going to phone it in. I talk about myself being kind of like this lighthouse where I think I know where I am and you know, I’m like, there in the pier and you have to flow to me because I’ve got this set of standards on all areas of my life. That’s pretty doggone defined. But if I’m not being that lighthouse, there’s no reason to float up to me. If I’m not being kind, if I’m not being loving, if I’m not being everything I’m telling you to be, I’m a hypocrite. And I try to live my life by the BLTs.

And that means I want people to know they belong with me, that I want them to know that I love them. I want them to know they can trust me. And I want them to feel safe with me. And if I’m edgy and if I’m this, and if I’m that, if I’m using rank or circumstance or the sobriety or bank accounts or anything to be better than, I’m a hypocrite and I’m not going to be that. So I just wanted to let you know that if you’ve noticed any edge, that it was an edge because I was looking externally. And it’s an inward job and I’m going to get better. I’m going to get more connected. I’m going to call it on myself. I’m not going to be so doggone judgemental. I’m not going to be so arrogant.

That’s it. I’m going to do that. I can promise you. And I love you guys. And if I can help you, in any way, get through that. I can help. All you gotta do is call me on the phone. (720) 840-7222. We did that big Contact Mapping webinar.

I’m living my life in here. I don’t have the luxury of being a piece of spaghetti. I want to be standing strong in the wind for you and for me and for Ron Henley and for all of you, because I’m telling you one thing right now, you deserve it. And so do I, and I feel better when I’m serving, not judging. That’s that simple. Love you. I’ll see you guys all later. Thank you.