Thinking outside the box with Jordan Kemper (Legacy Leadership 157)

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“You know, it’s interesting when I think about network marketing a lot of people call it a disguise for personal development and early, I didn’t know what that meant. I went to Wheaton. I took all of the necessary classes. I took all the GenEds, I took all of the science classes. I did everything I was told to do.
But what was interesting was I felt like most of what I learned in college didn’t translate to the real world. Nobody taught me about residual income. Nobody taught me about taxes. Nobody taught me about social media or people skills. I felt like no one really gave me what I needed.
College taught me how to manage my time. College taught me how to work hard. College taught me how to become independent. College taught me how to network. So there were massive benefits to my time at Wheaton, but I felt like when I stepped into network marketing, it’s a 1099 situation where you’re only paid if you produce. And so I walked into a situation where if I didn’t make sales, if I didn’t move products, there was no commission for me.
So I tell people that if you want to transition to an entrepreneur, maybe you’ve been an employee for a number of years, or maybe you’re just coming outta college, where wherever you’re at in life, if you like, The, the path of entrepreneurship. Get yourself a good network marketing company and participate there for five years.
And what those five years will teach you is how to deal with rejection, how to overcome adversity, how to have the ups and the downs that comes with business. How to learn marketing, how to learn accounting, how to, how to minimize your tax liability, all of the things that you learn when you become an entrepreneur.”
-Jordan Kemper