Find Your Most Powerful Woman with Marina Worre (Legacy Leadership 158)

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“I want to give back to this profession. I want to give back to women. Not just inside of network marketing space, but women in general. So that’s why I’m inviting all women from all different walks of life.


If you are part of network marketing or not part of network marketing, you’ll still benefit tremendously because of the mindset that we are gonna share and the skillset we are gonna share. That is pretty much, “sales are sales no matter what you’re selling” right?


So learning the different techniques that network marketing provides will help you catapult whatever business you are doing as an entrepreneur or trying to become an entrepreneur.”
– Marina Worre


The Most Powerful Women in Network Marketing event is THE largest and premier growth accelerating event for women on the planet.

Hosted by the one and only Marina Worre on May 5th-7th…