The Bestselling Book Formula with Crystal & Mark Victor Hansen (Legacy Leadership 154)

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“The book industry started to get crushed. Now I’ve been in it 50 years. I’m with eight major houses, random House, Hay House, HCI. Love everybody in the business. Love the librarians, everybody. But gosh, the pandemic took 19,000 bookstores turned into 400, crushed them.


Those are people I love and know. And then the biggest book publisher at Random House, 25 billion a year, just went phewww. They just laid off 8,000 people fired the Chairman, the Vice Chairman.


So we were looking around saying, well, wait a second. The most important thing is have books out there. So we know the book business inside out and everybody in it…


So let’s us start a publishing. Last year, (we are 14 months old right now) We had 18 number one best sellers outta 18 that we did!’


-Mark Victor Hansen


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