“Remember” vs “follow-up”

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Good morning, everybody, it is Tom Chenault and I am on the Contact Mapping wall because I just continually am amazed at what a difference using the word “remember” versus “follow-up” does for people, because none of us want to be followed up. None of us want to follow up. We wake up in the morning and we look at our Contact Mapping app and we go “Oh my God, look at all those follow-ups” versus how many people you remember. And the more you remember, the more you win, the more people that you consistently take to a conversation, called what’s in it for them by remembering something, is the answer to your business. I promise you that all I need to do is talk to Lucian, who’s on here right now, about his two beautiful kids and his wife and Canada and his native country.

And the next thing you know, he is completely in the foxhole with me because I remember him, calling him about something rich in his life that doesn’t pertain to my life. Something that matters to him is the way to do it. And just, all I ever do is remember, remember, remember, ask, and people always know, and everybody goes “this is the slow boat to China”, and it’s really not. It is not the slow boat to China. It is the fastest boat to China. And I don’t know why I’m saying China, China’s far, but it’s a cliche. But the point I make is that the more that you remember, the more related you are, the more connected you are. The more people are going to want to do business with you. And this rush to sign up versus enroll is absolute insanity.

And Eric Warren hit the nail on the head. He says” sometimes it seems like Tom Chenault’s system is a little slower, but I watched that. I watched the results and it’s always a little bit faster”. And the name of the game is true because I remember everything and everybody that I can, and I want you to work on that. I want you to interview me. I want to interview you. I want to take this thing to the next level by doing that.

And yeah. Do I use the Contact Mapping system like a sword? No one, no one uses it like I use it. I mean, no one outside of Contact Mapping, you guys do. You’re smart enough to understand it. So few people are, they can’t figure out the secret weapon and the secret weapons hiding right in front of their face.

So I’m going to try this just to show you what’s going on on my screen behind me, There’s my computer at work. And there it is. There’s the Contact Mapping add-on right there. The Chrome add-on, right there on the right-hand corner. And there is a guy named Ron and Diane, that just called me and they go “Oh my God, I heard about that thing on your radio show with that guy named Armand. Where’s that five-step system. Explain that to me”. I said “I want you to go watch it. And then I’m going to call you Monday and I’m going to get you the info”. So what I did was I sent him to it and you’re going to see my screen. And what I did was I wrote down the notes of what we talked about five seconds ago, easily, just in a flash.

And then I hit “Save note” and that is gone right now. And it just magically appeared in my phone. So that just went to the contacts on Ron and Diane and that’s sitting there. And all I have to do is look at my phone on Monday. It’s going to tell me to call Ron and Diane. And then I’m going to look at the notes to know exactly what we talked about. And I’m going to remember it instead of what happened to me yesterday at the eye doctor, which completely is the reason I’m here.

I’m old 69 years old. I’m seeing double and I’m worried about it. I think I had a stroke. I go to the doctor, the doctor looks at me. I walk in and they go “why are you here?” I go “I told you why I’m here: I’m seeing double”. “Fill out this form” she says. I get irritated as heck because the form’s this long, and it should be in the computer. I go, you don’t have this in the computer. She said, we lost all the database, the whole database. I’m on “you’ve got to be kidding me”. So here I am writing double seeing double and having to write this format. So I’m already getting a little bit of testy. Then I walk in and the lady goes “why are you here?” I go “I told you guys why I’m here”. She goes “what?”. I go “I’m seeing double”. She goes “well, is this eye or is this medical?”. I go “I don’t even know what the difference between that question is. I just know I’m seeing double, I don’t know why I’m seeing double, but I’m scared. I think I might’ve had a stroke and you need to, I don’t care if it’s any of that. All I care about is that I get my eyes looked at to see if I had a stroke or something went wrong with my prescription or something like that. And just tell me the truth” and the lady is still kind of like playing this dance with me. And it was so clear to me. She goes “well, the doctor that saw you last month is going to look at you today”. I go “no, you sent me to a different doctor”. She goes “we did? You’re not seeing the same doctor?” And I just wanted to scream because no one remembered me. And that’s all I wanted to be, was remembered. And I know that’s a graphic description, but that’s all that happens to us all day long. And it was so frustrating because we were looking at each other, like I was just there the previous Tuesday.

And it was like, unbelievable. And that’s what almost all of our follow-ups look like, because we’re not paying attention. We’re not doing what I just did with Ron and Diane, using my desktop. I can talk to you. In fact, I’ll do it right now.

And then, you know, obviously it goes on and on that way. And that’s it, all of us need to do that. So I know I be the dead horse here, but I’m telling you: remember, remember, remember, ask is the ticket and using that crazy Chrome extension, right there is just so bad to the bone. And you start using that thing linked to Facebook, to LinkedIn, to Twitter. It is incredible. I own Clubhouse as a result of just sitting here, typing away whenever I’m meeting anybody, and put it straight in. And as soon as I walk out the door and head to the coffee shop, I can literally follow those people up and tell them what they said and Clubhouse, and they swallow their cigar. So you guys long Facebook live, I’m going to get in trouble for it, but I’m proud of it. I love you.