GROW & SCALE Your Business NOW with Moe Aduan (Legacy Leadership 162)

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This Week’s Guest On Legacy Leadership Is Moe Aduan


Moe Aduan arrived in the United States at age 18 to build his life: he put himself through college by making falafel and driving taxis before graduating from the University of Colorado, Denver, with a bachelor’s degree in accounting.
Aduan has earned a reputation for teaching entrepreneurs how to succeed, designing seminars and consulting one-on-one on development, entity decisions, and best practices. He builds strategic models that grow businesses via systems, processes, and focused timelines, delivering results.

Key Quotes From The Show:

  • “You can be successful in business and make a lot of money. Does that mean you’re successful in life? I don’t think so. You have to be successful. It has to be balanced. You have to be successful with your kids, with your wife, with your family, with your community before you are successful in business.”
  • “I think the one thing, that helped me get to where I am and connecting all the dots and, and our things to happen naturally. Is, is the ability to be fluid. Fluidity is a key, I feel like. And being able not to fight things when they happen, but trying to work with them and being able to have an open mind to things.”
  • “It took me about 10 years to graduate bachelor degree because I was working and going to school at the same time. But along those times, I did many internships. I will call companies and say, Hey, can intern for free and just learning about business and how to connect the dots and see. I know I have a grand vision to be something, but I didn’t know what that is. I allowed everything else out there to lead me to it.”