Developing Essential Skills in Network Marketing with Stephane Page (Legacy Leadership 165)

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This Week’s Guest On Legacy Leadership Is Stephane Page


Stephane is a top field leader and recruiter in the network marketing profession.


But at the top of the show, Donna Marie Seritella joined to help us honor the great Doris Wood who passed away this week at 92 years old.



Stephane Page started his career as an entrepreneur at the age of 19. He operated and grew his family business renting snowmobiles, boats, and ATVs.



He discovered Network Marketing at that time and although his traditional business was quite successful, he didn’t have the same success with Network Marketing.



He joined 5 companies, three of which went out of business. He wasn’t discouraged though but the following 16 years were hard. He talked to friends and family, approached strangers on the street, met with sales clerks at the shopping mall, left flyers on car windshields, and placed ads online with not much success. And for an introverted and shy guy, these were totally out of his comfort zone!



Until he teamed up with Tim Sales and focused on learning a few simple skills that are essential to the business and combined with his persistent attitude, he began to climb the ranks and became one of the top leaders in his current company. His wife Claudia joined him in the business full time and have created systems together that helped them duplicate much faster. They have reached the top position in their company, earned an Elite Award as one of the top three recruiters their first year in the company, opened South Korea, have one of the fastest growing teams in Europe, helped launch Canada, and earned the Vision Award which means they represent what the corporate team and the field judge as model leaders.



Today Stephane and Claudia live in the mountains in Quebec, Canada. They have 3 daughters who saw them transform into leaders and inspired them to start their own businesses as well. They love to travel, do outdoor activities, and enjoy the good life of a successful network marketing business.

Key Quotes From The Show:

  • “16 years of struggling in the business part-time, no results getting nowhere. And so at some point, I had to put my confidence, I understood that I knew that I couldn’t rely on myself. I had to put my confidence in someone else. And at that time that was Tim. And at that point, I knew I didn’t have anything to question. All I said was,  ‘Tell me what to do, I’ll go do it.’ And next thing you know is when we joined the company we’re with now, the first year I was the top recruiter in the company from a guy who struggled for 16 years. And so he goes to show that yes. When you’re struggling, figure out who you trust, follow, and don’t question. Just follow exactly what they tell you. That’s what I did.”
  • “When I look at challenges like these, I think, OK, I’m just man to accomplish much greater things because now I’m put in front of a challenge that is greater than anyone I’ve faced in the past. So that gives me an opportunity to grow, to become a bigger leader. And so I just have to face it and it’s not about hiding from the team, your emotions, things like that. You can share with people, but then you have to make a bold statement no matter what’s going on.”