Be your authentic best self

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Good morning, everybody. I love you guys. And my topic today is a familiar one for me, you know, about being true to yourself. Just like, no kidding, be your authentic best self, know where your center line is, and that way you never have to deal with people renting space in your head. And I want that for every one of you, because I know that as you go through the day I’ve been doing this COVID now for a year. Our one year anniversary for my AA meeting is tomorrow, which is really, really cool. Because right when COVID started, I couldn’t go to my AA meeting and I didn’t even know what COVID is. But as a result of that, I got with some people and we started the Zoom meeting that has turned into the most exciting thing for a year. You’re ever going to want to believe we’re all still together.

We all locked our arms. We’re all very, very close friends, but it had me this morning thinking about consistency and staying true to myself and knowing exactly who I am and getting back to ground zero every day and doing a checkup from the neck up to just check my premises, check my motives and look at who I really am as a human being. And that’s what I use AA for every day is to look in the mirror hard and just see if I’m being true to my true self, what I believe to be true. And a lot of people come to me all day long with opinions. I mean, whether it be about Alcoholics Anonymous, whether it be about Contact Mapping, whether it be about network marketing and they all want to do it differently than me and that’s okay, they want to tell me how to do it differently.

And that one’s where I have a little bit of a problem. Because number one, I have a lot of years of experience and number two, I’ve got the consistency of doing something every day, versus just people showing up in my life for like a minute, looking at the landscape, then coming with their opinion with supposedly all the opinions of all these other unnamed people to tell me how to do something that I’ve been doing for a long time. And I just have to understand what my true North is. And I know that you do the same thing and I beg you to find your true North and figure out what exactly it is you want your life to look like. Today, I want tranquility, I want peace, I want love, I don’t want drama, I don’t want politics, I don’t want religion. I don’t want any of that stuff, clouding relationships I have with people. And I want to be committed to people like no one’s ever been committed to before, especially the little person. And that’s the one that I’m really, really, really, completely excited about. And I’m kind of the anti-cool-kids-club and anti-cliques, and really, really one of those people that says “you know, let’s just kind of look at what you’re doing on your merits. And as you get better, you get better. And as you get better, we’ll recognize you for getting better”.

And every day is a journey. And I understand what it’s like to be in my first 30 days of sobriety. I understand what it’s like to be in my first 90 days of sobriety. And I understand the same thing in every area of my life, whether it be my first 30 days of Contact Mapping or my first 30 days of network marketing or any other business I might be in, it’s going to be the same way.

It’s going to be a learning curve that is going to take some time. And I can tell you one thing right now, all I want to do is improve every day. And the way that I can improve every day is being in the game every day. Not like once a week, not when it suits my fancy every day when I don’t want to be. I go to AA when I don’t want to. I do my life when I don’t want to. And that’s what I want you to do is just bust through it. To the point you get to the point. You’re so consistent with those habits, that there’s nothing stopping you. And that’s what I want for all of you, because I know it’s going to change your life. If you do that, I know what I know.

You’re going to find your true self in that way. You’re not going to have anybody renting space in your head. So I love all of you today. Have an unbelievable day. It’ll be fun. We did a great big Contact Mapping thing this week that you’re going to be blown away with lots of fantastic stuff going on there. If you’re not using the Premium there, you’re out of your mind. Because you can get on your computer. You can be winging it like a thousand miles an hour, mapping people on Clubhouse, on Facebook, on Twitter, everywhere, and putting them in your database and having those memories that aren’t posted anywhere else, front and center, so the next time you talk to those people, you remind them about something they can’t even remember they said it will blow your mind because all people want to be is remembered. And if you learn that you’re going to be able to do so much. So all of you can do better. I can do better. Let’s do better. Consistency is everything, authenticity, communication. Do it. Love you.