About Contact Mapping

Long before it ever became an app, Contact Mapping was a philosophy with deep roots. Our co-founder, Tom Chenault, developed the idea of Contact Mapping over his 40+ years in sales and customer service roles. The idea literally started with index cards and legal pads in the 1970s and has carried forward to this day, having impacted the lives of thousands over the years.

Contact Mapping “the app” takes these principles and applies an intuitive software experience to teach anyone to make more connections and to make the most of every relationship. It’s as easy as taking a few moments to speak or type the key details you want to remember about each interaction, and setting a future Follow Up for each person you meet. Contact Mapping is designed to make this a seamless part of your daily routine and keep you on track when discipline otherwise would fail.

As you build the habits of taking Notes and setting Follow Ups, you will create for yourself an invaluable database of history with every person you meet. That database will help you to grow each individual relationship and to make better connections across your network than ever before.

The philosophy of Contact Mapping has been proven across industries and decades; and now, it is easier than ever to apply to your life!


Our Team

Adrian Chenault

Adrian Chenault

Adrian Chenault is the CEO and Co-Founder of Contact Mapping. Adrian recognized an opportunity to take the principles of Contact Mapping pioneered by his father and infuse technology to make it easy for people of any industry to achieve greater success and connection in their lives.

Prior to Contact Mapping, Adrian spent seven years at Rackspace where he was most recently Sr. Director of International Finance. He led the finance function for all of Rackspace’s operations outside the US. During his seven years there, he worked in the US, UK, Australia, and Switzerland.

Adrian earned his Chartered Financial Analyst designation while working as an Equity Analyst for South Texas Money Management. He graduated Summa Cum Laude from Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas.


Tom Chenault

Tom Chenault is the CSO and Co-Founder, and the inspiration behind, Contact Mapping. He developed the ideas and philosophy that underpin the app over a four decade career spanning successful turns in hospitality, corporate sales, financial services, and network marketing.

Tom and his wife, Denice Chenault, are recognized among the top trainers and leaders in the network marketing profession, and were recently inducted into the Network Marketing Hall of Fame. Tom also is the leading voice of the Home Based Business Industry and hosts a nationwide weekly radio show.

Over the years, they have built their career on the principles of The Coffee Shop Interview and Contact Mapping and have mentored thousands of others to success across multiple industries by doing the same.

Rick Manelius

Rick Manelius is the CTO of Contact Mapping.

Rick has been a successful technologist and entrepreneur across multiple companies. Most recently he was the Chief Product Officer for DDEV, a container based development platform enabling simpler development workflows for web applications. Prior to DDEV, Rick was the COO at New Media, a full-service digital agency.

Rick attained his bachelors degree from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and went on to earn a PhD in Nanotechnology from MIT as well.

Jason Circle Headshot 6w x 4h.jpg

Jason is the Digital Communications Assistant at Contact Mapping.

Jason’s interests lie within problem solving technical issues, overall company growth, and focusing on creating and following a narrative driven by personal experiences. Jason works closely with collaborative teams to perform a wide variety of media, and community related tasks. In these roles and partnerships, he’s had opportunities to develop strong problem solving and customer service skills.

Jason graduated from Oregon State University, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Digital Communication Arts.