What Is Contact Mapping?


Contact Mapping is a concept so elegantly simple that we often say it has been “hiding in plain sight.”

It takes what we already naturally do as relational beings and applies just enough structure and support to take your relationship building skills to an entirely new level.

Think back to a recent time you met someone new. You likely “chit chatted” for a while, and during that conversation you would have learned about the other person’s occupation, their family, or things they like to do for fun. At the end of the conversation, perhaps you had built up enough rapport that you decided to exchange contact details. So, out comes your phone; and you grab the other person’s phone number and maybe their email.

But what happened to all the other stuff you learned in that conversation? The spouse’s name, the kids’ names, that restaurant they love? If you’re like most people, you assumed you would remember those details - at least the most important stuff. 

How often do you really remember those details? More often than not, by the time the next conversation rolls around, the details are hazy in your memory.

You may even find you are not fully present in the current conversation because you are racking your brain trying to remember something you are embarrassed to have forgotten.

We know we should be better about remembering this stuff or writing it down, but we routinely fail to do it. We don’t have an easy or consistent way to do it.

Contact Mapping is the simple discipline of:  (1) recording a few important details from each interaction you have with another human; and (2) always setting a reminder for your next touch point.

These two tiny actions will transform your ability to develop meaningful business and personal relationships.

When you walk away from the conversation with your new acquaintance, it’s as simple as pulling out the Contact Mapping app and using transcription to verbally “brain dump” the details you want to remember into a note for your contact. As soon as you finish your note, you’ll have the chance to set yourself a reminder to follow up. 

As you form a habit around those two disciplines, we are confident your relationships will shift. Instead of relationships fading over time because life is just so busy, you will have regular touchpoints to make sure those relationships maintain and grow. And instead of feeling sheepish because it’s been so long that you can’t remember about what you talked about last time, you have a record of those important details right at your fingertips.

As you practice those disciplines, your prospects, colleagues, and friends will feel honored and valued by the fact that you really heard and remembered what they shared with you. You’ll be connecting with them more frequently and authentically because you are using those follow-up reminders to make sure no relationship ever falls through the cracks. 

Contact Mapping is so simple that once you get going, you won’t know how you ever lived your life without it.