❤️ Things I Love ❤️

There are a few things I routinely talk about to friends and family because I am passionate about them! I created a little page to share them with you. Enjoy!

* I use referral links and affiliate links where it makes available - in many of the cases you also get a discount or bonus for using the link. If you aren’t comfortable with that, feel free to go around it. I do not accept any compensation to recommend an item, these are all my personal favorites.


Myles Everyday Shorts

As Myles puts it: “Lightweight enough for workouts, durable enough for the outdoors, stylish enough to wear with a button-down.”

I first learned about these shorts from Tim Ferriss’ 5-Bullet Friday email list, and then when I saw a friend wearing them I was immediately sold. They are comfortable, versatile, and look really good.