Become a Superconnector


“I KNOW Somebody You Need to Meet”

“I’m thinking about buying a condo up in the mountains”.

“My son is trying to get into college at Carnegie Mellon”.

“My office’s computer network keeps breaking and the support vendor is a nightmare!”

Think about the number of times that you hear in conversation that there is some problem the other person is trying to solve that has nothing to do with your business.

As humans, we are always trying to help our friends; it feels great when someone mentions they need help with an issue; and you know just the person to help them!

When we offer this kind of help, our friends readily accept it and thank us because we are clearly helping without an agenda. If I work in real estate but refer you to a friend in IT services, clearly I’m doing it only to help you . . . not because there is something in it for me. Doing this makes us feel great and it strengthens our relationships.

What if, instead of this happening only on the occasions when someone immediately jumps into mind, you could be that person all the time?

As you get into the habit of Contact Mapping the details of your interactions, you are accumulating a database that is extremely valuable. The value of that database is first in its power to serve those around you. You will find that instead of those questions coming up from time to time, people will start seeking you out as the person who always knows somebody that can help.

And for your own business -- you’ll learn to no longer be that one dimensional person who is only interested when something is immediately in it for you.

You’ll find that the person who seemed to have no interest in your business today will come back around again as you continue to cross paths and you show that you care about what they care about, not just your own agenda.

If you have your living database there at the ready, when someone has a problem and asks if you “know a guy”, instead of answering “not sure”, it’s as simple as a few keyboard taps to make a big difference to them.  

You will be amazed at the power of your connections. And the beauty is, everybody wins!