We all have good intentions. We know that we should be writing down a few details from our most important conversations. We know we should be consistent in nurturing our friendships and relationships to keep them strong over time. But the reality for most is that we rarely have the discipline to do those things consistently. Life is just too busy.

Contact Mapping is designed to give you the extra help that you need to build strong lasting relationships with your prospects, colleagues, and friends. Our goal is to make sure you never let anyone “fall through the cracks”.

So how does it work? Contact Mapping helps you to keep track of your interactions with others and makes sure you capture a Note. If you create a new contact in the app and don’t have time to log a Note at that moment, we will send you a roundup of any of these Unlogged Interactions in the evening to give you an extra nudge before you forget. 


We do the same thing each time you have a subsequent interaction with your contacts. In the future, we plan to add calendar integration and other great ways to make it easy for you to stay on track with the disciplines of Contact Mapping.

Similarly, each morning, we will send you a notification at the time of your choice to kick start your day with the Follow Ups you have due. This gives you a great way to have a clear game plan going into each day for keeping relationships and conversations moving forward.