A Philosophy, A System, And An App


The Coffee Shop Interview

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The Coffee Shop Interview will transform the way you approach business and personal conversations. The idea is simple but powerful: your job is to find out as much about the other person as you can, in a way that leaves them feeling understood and affirmed. That’s it!

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Humanize Your Address Book


Think back to a recent time you met someone new. You likely “chit chatted” for a while, and during that conversation you would have learned about the other person’s occupation, their family, or things they like to do for fun. At the end of the conversation, perhaps you had built up enough rapport that you decided to exchange contact details. So out comes your phone, and you grab the other person’s phone number and maybe their email.

But what happened to all the other stuff you learned in that conversation?

Learn & Listen, Take Notes, Follow Up, Develop Lasting Relationships

An App to Help You Implement the Practice

Voice To Text
Brain dump everything you’ve learned about your new contact without having to spend time typing it out. Quick, Easy, Searchable!

Follow-Up Reminders
Once you’ve finished your “brain dump”, set a follow-up reminder with the click of a button.

Get reminders and alerts to connect with your contacts. Never let anyone slip through the cracks

Having trouble remembering names or details? Search your notes and contacts for any detail you can remember to quickly and easily find what you need.

Not sure what to do next? Search our inspiration and educational content to get ideas and tactics on how to leverage your contact database.

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