The Magic of Being a Regular

It's not comfortable to strike up a conversation with a stranger - especially if you shy away from small-talk.  Have you ever heard the phrase, "location is everything?"  This not only applies to real estate purchases, but to networking as well.  

Making fresh connections can be as easy as choosing to spend time regularly in a public place you enjoy. This could be at a coffee shop, a restaurant, a gym, a bowling alley, just about anywhere. 

As you start showing up consistently, you'll get to know the staff and other regulars. These people are a great source of new networks in their own right. Keep an eye out for the handful of people who seem to be the "mayors" of the place...they can help you.

Once a regular, you will have the additional opportunity to become part of the "welcoming committee" for new people who start frequenting your favorite spot. Help them out!  Encouraging someone else along in their relationships is a powerful thing.  

One of our founders, Tom Chenault, has a morning routine that includes stops at his favorite coffee shop and breakfast restaurant. Over the years, he not only knows all of the regulars, but they know all about him and routinely introduce him to the new people. This consistent stream of friends and business connections has become a source of referrals, but even more importantly, a source of joy in his life.

Image Credit: Huffington Post