“The Fortune is in the Follow-Up.” Chances are very high that you’ve heard this before. It’s true! Follow-up is not only essential in sales; it is just as important to building relationships in general. 

As you go about your daily activities, you are meeting new people all the time. In many of those cases, you establish a rapport in that first interaction to the point where the other person would appreciate hearing from you again. 

But how often do you actually follow up? Except in those cases where you are making concrete plans in that conversation, very few people have a habit of following up intentionally. When we fail to follow up, we are squandering those connections we are making and missing out on opportunities without even realizing it.


Follow-Up is built right into the flow of Contact Mapping. Every time we interact with someone, we should first take down a note about what we need to remember from that conversation, and then we should immediately set a Follow-Up. In some cases the content or form of that Follow-Up will be very clear and urgent - for example if you are actively working on a business deal. In those cases, you can add a few notes about the content of that Follow-Up so it’s clear.

Even when there is not a clear next step, you should still be setting a Follow-Up for each interaction. Why? This is how you will make sure you have a structure in place that ensures that you are checking in with your network at some interval and keeping the relationship strong. 

You’ll be amazed how the simple discipline of checking in periodically will open new avenues for growth in your relationships and opportunities for both you and your contacts!


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