Getting Started

How Do I Get Started?

Contact Mapping requires an active membership (or free 30 day trial) in order to use the iPhone or Android app. You can set up your account and enroll at Then you can download the iPhone or Android app and sign in. Finally, we have created [video tutorials][0] to learn about all of the features.

Where Can I Get Help With The App?

Please email and we will respond within 1 business day. To help us resolve this as quickly as possible, please provide as much detail as you can.

Can the App Do X, Y, or Z?

We would love to know how we can improve the app to make your experience better. Send any and all feature requests and ideas to

Using the App

How Do I Delete A Contact?

In this initial version of Contact Mapping we did not make it possible for users to delete contacts in the app or sync deletions from the address book into the app. The reason we did it that way to start is to make sure that no one accidentally loses notes they created in the app if a contact was lost or failed to sync. However, this is something we will look to adjust in a future update - just give us some time!

How Do I Delete A Follow-Up?

Currently, the best way to delete an unwanted Follow-Up is to mark it as done. We will soon be releasing a separate ability for you to delete a Follow-Up, so stay tuned!

Do New Contacts I Create Outside of Contact Mapping Sync to the App?

Yes! They do. This syncronization happens automatically, but in some cases it can take a little while. If you notice that a recently added contact has not synced to Contact Mapping, try the following:

(1) In your address book on your phone, make sure that the app has synced to the server - on Apple you can do this by scrolling to the top of your contacts list and then pulling it down to manually trigger a sync. On Android, the pattern to do this varies.

(2) Go to Contact Mapping and simply keep the app open and running for a couple of minutes or until you notice the contact show up. In the current version this process has to complete while the app is open, which is often what can cause the delay. We will improve this in an upcoming release to make it run faster!

How Do I Edit a Contact?

You can simply edit the contact details for any contact in your native address book on your phone (or from your computer if your contacts are synced), and the changes will sync across to Contact Mapping.

Does Contact Mapping Work on my Desktop/Laptop/Tablet?

Currently, Contact Mapping is only available for your iPhone or Android smartphone. Our mobile phones are the supercomputers that never leave our sides so this was the most important place to start! We do have plans to launch a web version in the future that could be used on larger devices, but that ay take some time to release.

Does Contact Mapping Work with Facebook Messenger?

Contact Mapping is not currently integrated with Facebook Messenger, but many of our users are still using it to track Notes and Follow-Ups with people they only interact with on FB Messenger or other social platforms. The simple way to do this is to create a contact with the person’s first and last name, without a phone number or email address. You can optionally include a link to their Facebook or other social account in the contact detail. You can then create your Notes and Follow-Ups with that person the same as any other contact!

Why Does Contact Mapping Import All My Contacts?

Simplicity is at the heart of Contact Mapping, and so we wanted to make sure that our users were not having to manage multiple lists of contacts and losing track of what person is saved where. By building on top of your contact list, we make it easy for you to make sure that your contacts always stay in sync and no one falls through the cracks. You can think of your list of contacts as a menu to choose from - the app does not require you to map every one of them, but they are there for you automatically when you need them!


Can I Export My Data?

We are currently focused on enhancing the day to day experience. Exporting data and/or integrating with other services is part of our future goals. If you need to get an export, please contact

What Happens To My Data If I Cancel My Membership

If you choose to cancel your membership, you will still be able to access all of your Contact Mapping Notes and Highlights from within the app, however you will no longer be able to add or edit any content without an active membership. If you desire to have Contact Mapping permanently delete your content, please contact us at


Why Do You Require a Credit Card During the Free 30 Day Trial?

It’s a matter of logistics. We want everyone to get enrolled as smoothly as possible and not experience a roadblock when you need the app the most. By storing your card, your access to the app will be readily available.

Where Can I Update My Payment Information?

Login to and go to the payments tab. There you can enter a new card, which is securely stored at

Can I Switch From Monthly to a Yearly for Additional Savings?

If you signed up for a monthly membership and would now like to upgrade to a yearly membership for additional savings, you can do so by logging into and visiting the membership tab.

What Is Your Refund Policy?

If you cancel within your 30 day trial, you will not be charged and therefore there is no need for a refund. If you decide to cancel after your membership begins, you can login to and visit the membership tab. Canceling will not result in a refund and your membership will remain active for the remaining duration without renewing.

Why Is a Paid Membership Now Required?

If you were part of our initial beta release, you were able to use CM for free while we were adding additional polish to the interface and addressing any bug fixes. Now that we’re stable and moving forward with our future roadmap, we will be building out additional features and services to provide the most value possible. Contact Mapping knows your data is your most valuable asset, so our business model is sustained by paid membership rather than selling data or using advertising.