What is Contact Mapping?


Contact mapping is something you have been doing all your life and didn’t even know it. You meet people and you gathered their details in your brain and you go about your business having just put their name and phone number in your phone. You left everything else out thinking you were going to be able to remember it later. Or maybe you didn’t even plan on remembering.  At the time it felt like you didn’t even need the information.

And then you run into them a week later and ask them about their three kids and how their new dog is doing. They look at you with a blank stare knowing that they had four kids and that it was a new cat. And that you forgot. 

The problem with putting everything in your brain is that it’s impossible to remember all the details and you inevitably get things mixed up. 

Kind of like the waiter at the restaurant not writing down the order for the party of six and you just know the meal is going to get messed up coming out of the kitchen. We do that all the time as human beings.

So the solution is taking the contact mapping you are automatically doing now and document it immediately. Time stamp it with the date and the time and get all the details while they’re fresh in your brain.   No matter how meaningless the information seems, you are talking to human beings who deserve to be remembered. All any of us really want is that!   

We are going to train you to keep track of all of that seemingly useless information as automatically as you do everything else in your life.  

So you are the one who remembers everything about everyone!   So whenever somebody needs something or wants something done they are going to think of you first because you are the most connected person they know. And when you run into anybody anywhere and you remind them about their four kids or their new cat they just glow because you actually remembered.

With all the social media and the rest of the internet the only real proprietary information you have is your personal contacts and the information you have about them that isn’t posted online somewhere.