The Value of Being Connected

How many times have you felt stuck on something, turned to the ever dependable Google search, but still found yourself at a dead end? When it comes to many of the most important things in life — career changes, family emergencies, vendor selection — the internet either comes up with no answers or too many to sift. In those moments, it’s not so much what you know as who you know.

Have you ever noticed that when you’re talking with someone successful, whether a friend or mentor, how they seem to offer introductions more frequently than they give advice? More often than not, the full value of being connected becomes clear to us only after we realize that if we just “knew a guy,” we have a path out of our difficult situation.

This is all the more important for those of us who rely on our personal networks to create value in our businesses, whether as a network marketer, a real estate professional, financial advisor, or a local business owner. Let’s have a closer look at what it means to be connected and why it’s so valuable in today’s business world:

Starting Conversations

Think about your daily activities — whether it’s grocery shopping, take public transportation, or grabbing something to eat in a restaurant. Within that span of time, how many people do you come within close proximity to, but start a conversation with none of them? The ability to start a conversation naturally and carry it further with ease is what distinguishes those great conversationalists who are the best connectors. Sometimes it seems like you either have to be a natural at it or forget about it, but starting conversations is a skill you can acquire and practice.

The key to successfully opening up conversations is to ask the right questions. But the key to successfully sustaining a conversation, other than being polite and respectful, is being prepared to listen. Natural networkers know that every connection can be valuable at some point, even if it may not be clear up front. You could be in different industries, with no overlap in your business activities — but this connection might still open some doors you need in the future.

Being the Person to Call

Building an extensive network of valuable connections will have another interesting effect: you’ll become that one person everyone thinks of when they are struggling to solve a problems. By making the right connections, your influence and the trust people have in you will grow, making you a valued resource. As the connector, you will be valuable to any organization you decide to work for since your ability to connect people to what they need will enable you to call in favors when you need them. Not only will this give you the opportunity to help others, but it also means people will being more opportunities to you.

Mapping Your Contacts

We’re living in an increasingly faster-paced world and often fall prey to disconnect in both our personal and business lives. Conversation with the goal of connecting with someone has almost become a lost art, lost in the struggle to appear successful and be perceived as an influencer.

When you’re building your network of contacts effectively, you’ll strive to listen, remember and take care of whoever you’re connecting with. By paying attention to what matters to them, you ensure that they will pay attention to what matters to you.


Being well-connected in this day and age has become somewhat of a lost art, despite the technologies that are available to us. Whenever you make the time to hear someone out and connect, log it into the Contact Mapping app and let it help you nurture that relationship. Join free for a month and witness its life-changing effects for yourself.