How to Flip Your Screen on FB Live

Going live on Facebook has become an essential marketing tool for anyone using the social media site reach a bigger audience and nurture relationships with their contacts and followers. However, there are a few tips and tricks you can use to broadcast effectively, without the annoying issues that could affect the quality of your live broadcast.

One issue that might appear when using your front-facing camera for a live broadcast has been driving users crazy. Fortunately, the fix for it is straightforward — all it takes is to know where to find the setting you need. Here’s how to flip your screen when you’re doing a Facebook live broadcast:

The Problem with Front-Facing Camera

Using a front-facing camera for Facebook live broadcasts is convenient, and an obvious choice for many users. It’s easy to ensure that your setup is right when you use it. Since you can see yourself while you’re broadcasting, you can keep track of your body language and react in real-time to comments.

However, if you have any text visible in the frame, you run into an issue.

How to flip your screen 2.png

The front-facing camera naturally flips it into a mirror image, which is helpful when it comes to tracking your body language as you view yourself on screen. The problem is, any  text in the frame will appear with the letters facing the wrong way. It doesn’t allow the audience to see the text, and it presents a huge branding issue if you’re trying to display your logo.

Finding the Setting to Flip Your Screen

But fear not! The fix is easy, it’s just not the easiest setting to find. The other thing to bear in mind is that the fix isn’t permanent so you’ll have to do it for every single broadcast… Which means it’s possible you could forget and you will do it again.

First, start your Facebook Live as usual, pressing the “Live Video” icon at the top left of your home page. For business pages, press “Publish” from your Page. Then press “Live Video.”

Once you’re there, look for the wand icon on the screen. Usually, it’s in the bottom left corner, but depending on the device you’re broadcasting with, it might be elsewhere.

This is true if you're going live from a Page but more of the audience is likely going to be doing it from their personal profile. How do you think we should handle that? I'm partly inclined to skip over this part to avoid creating confusion on a step that anyone who has this problem should already know how to do.

How to flip your screen 3.png

Press the wand and a toolbar with filters will come up. Underneath the filters, there’s a row of icons and one of them is what you’re looking for. In the bottom right corner, you’ll find a screwdriver and span icon.

How to flip your screen 4.png

If you click on it, it will bring up the options for flipping the screen.

How to flip your screen 5.png

The option you need is “Horizontal Flip” (The one on the left). It will flip your screen horizontally, so that logos and any other text will correctly appear to the viewer, making it easily readable for the audience (In truth, I just wanted you guys to see a close up of my amazing nose).

Voila! You are now all set to do your Facebook Live where your audience will easily be able to read any branding or script in the frame!

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