Don't Think, Just Dial

If you are building a network for your business, the conventional wisdom is that the volume of activity is the key factor to your success.

Just get out there and meet a bunch of people!

Hit the phones!

Sound familiar?

In most businesses, you are looking to make connections in a light, natural way that only serves to strengthen the relationship. We know it takes 7+ "touches" before the average person makes any kind of buying or recruitment decision. So, we agonize about how to have the perfect script on the call so that it doesn't feel like a pitch. 

All of that thinking about what to say is doing you no fact, it is doing you LESS than no good, it is hurting you! Doing it means you are spending less time actually connecting, and when you do finally connect, you are in your head thinking through your script rather than fully present in the moment.

Instead, try this: Just. Start. Dialing.

All throughout your day, people pop into your mind for all sorts of reasons. Friends you haven't caught up with in a while. An old teacher or coach you haven't spoken to in years. Your hairstylist or mechanic. In some of those cases, the thought washes away in a blink. In others, you make a mental note that "I need to call that person soon." 

In those fleeting moments, call the person on the spot. Here's what will happen.

That script you were worried about sticking to in order to keep it light...won't even be there! At Contact Mapping, we talk about the importance of connecting with others without an agenda. If you call them on a lark, you haven't had time to construct an agenda in the first place. You are truly calling just because you were thinking about them.

The second thing that will happen is that suddenly it won't seem so hard to get to those seven touches with someone. You are constantly connecting and moving the relationship forward, and you're doing it naturally.

Once you get the hang of this, you will notice that you can train your mind to start surfacing people to connect or reconnect with. These light touches will make you a better friend, a better networker, and a better businessperson.

So pick up the phone!



Photo by Antoine Barrès on Unsplash