How To Export Your Facebook Friends List To Google Contacts


Since Facebook removed address book integration for your Facebook friends in 2017, it has been a challenge to for those of us who use Facebook for business to find a way to export your Facebook friends list and import them into your contacts. If you use Google contacts (or want to create a free account), this is the guide for you.

This post will give you the step-by-step instructions to export your full list of Facebook Friends and then import some or all of them into your Google Contacts

Exporting From Facebook

1. In your browser, go to and at the top right, click the down arrow:

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2. In the dropdown list that appears, select Settings:

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3. In the Settings menu, select “Your Facebook Information”:

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4. In the next menu, go to the “Download Your Information” line and click “View”:

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5. In the Download Your Information Menu, you will change the Format from HTML to JSON.

6. In that same menu, click on “Deselect All” and then check only the box next to “Friends”:

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7. Now, click on “Create File”

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8. As soon as you do so, Facebook will notify you that it’s processing the request:

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9. As soon as the file is ready for download, you will get a notification within Facebook. If you don’t get it within 20-30 minutes, you can cancel and repeat steps 1-8. Click on the notification.

unnamed (7).png

10. On the Download page, click on the download button. You will be asked to re-enter you password, and then this will trigger your data to download into a .zip file.

11. Open the .zip file. It will open a folder called “Friends”, with a selection of .json files inside.

unnamed (8).png

12. Go to

13. Under Step One, select Choose File:

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14. Navigate to the folder you just downloaded from Facebook (most likely in your “Downloads” folder, and select the friends.json file

15. You can Ignore Step 2. On Step 3, select “Convert JSON to CSV”:

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16. After the conversion occurs, you’ll see your results populate below. Below the box, under “Save Your Result” you can give the file a custom name if you choose, and then click “Download Result”.

unnamed (9).png

17. You will now have downloaded your data in a .csv file with three columns: the name, the date you became friends, and contact info. Most of your friends will not have contact info but a few will.

18. Click this link to download a Google Sheets template to migrate your data from Facebook to Google Contacts.

19. When you click, you will log in with your Google Account and then give you a button to make a personal copy of the template:

pasted image 0 (4).png

20. Once the Sheet opens, you will see two tabs. Confirm you are on the “IMPORT FACEBOOK CSV HERE” tab:

unnamed (10).png

21. In the Sheet, click on File > Import

unnamed (11).png

22. In the Import menu, click on “Upload” and then select the .csv file you created in step 16.

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23. Once you select your file, select “Replace data at selected sell”, and then click “Import Data”.

pasted image 0 (6).png

24. Once your data imports into the tab, click and drag from cell A2 (the first name in your list) down to the very bottom, and then copy it (Edit > Copy, or use a keyboard shortcut).

25. Once you have copied the names, click on the “Google Contacts Upload Template Tab”

pasted image 0 (7).png

26. Paste the data into cell A2 in the “Google Contacts Upload Template” tab.

27. Repeat this process, copying the data starting in cell C2 of the “IMPORT FACEBOOK CSV HERE” tab and pasting into cell AE2 (all the way on the far right of the table) in the “Google Contacts Upload Template” tab. Note: most of your contacts will NOT have an email address included - this is normal.

28. If you would like, you can add a label for what type of email address it is in column AD of the “Google Contacts Upload Template” tab. This is optional - if you leave it blank Google will still be able to import it.

29. If you would like, you can now edit your list of friends to delete ones that you do not wish to import as contacts. Any you wish to remove, you will click to highlight the whole row, and then right click and Delete the Row:

unnamed (12).png

30. Once you have finished pasting your data, from the “Google Contacts Upload Template” tab, go to File > Download As > Comma-separated values (.csv, current sheet):

31. Go to and make sure you are logged into the correct account you would like to import your Facebook contacts into (if you have multiple Google accounts):

pasted image 0 (9).png

32. On the left hand menu bar, select “Import”:

33. Click on Select File, and then choose the file you just downloaded from your Google Sheet (should be in your Downloads folder). After selecting the file, click import:

unnamed (14).png

34. Google will import your Contacts and place them into a Label called “Imported on Month/Day. To the left of the first name in the list, if you hover your mouse a checkbox will appear. 

unnamed (15).png

35. Click to check the box next to the contact. Then above a new menu will appear with a drop down to Select All. Click “All”

pasted image 0 (10).png

36. Once you have selected all, click the button just to the right to add these contacts to your Google Contacts list:

37. Now, it’s time to handle any duplicates that were created in your contacts during this process. On the left side, click “Duplicates”:

pasted image 0 (11).png

38. Google will give you the option to review each duplicate one by one to make sure that they are indeed the same person:

pasted image 0 (12).png

For each accurate duplicate, click merge...if they are incorrect, click dismiss. Google does offer you an option to Merge all, but do this at your own risk as it can’t be undone.

39. You’re all set! You have now imported your Facebook Friends into your Google Contacts. Once these new contacts sync to your phone via your Google account, you will see them appear in Contact Mapping.

40. Note: Contact Mapping will recognize these as “new contacts” and create a large number of unlogged interactions for you to create notes against. You can feel free to ignore those, the badge in the app will disappear within 24 hours.

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