Connection is a Core Human Need- And We Need to be Better at It

When you hear the word “connection,” what is the first thing that comes to mind? Do you envision the kind of close connection you have with close friends and family? Or perhaps a connection that opens up new business opportunities? Or do you think of your Wi-Fi? For most people, it is a beautiful world full of positive implications. When we say we feel connected with a person, a community, or an event, we are experiencing oneness in the best possible way. It’s impossible to experience a sense of belonging without feeling connected. This experience is something us humans need to live a happy and fulfilled life.

In today’s state of affairs in the world, where globalization and digitalization are making everything more accessible, we are, ironically, connecting less than ever. Most of our communication is superficial, and expressing authentic feelings to others to feel connected as a result is a rarity. Here’s why the connection is a core human need, and how we can become better at it:

The Importance of Connection

Feeling a connection is a core human need, but many are terrible at it. A real, genuine human relationship has the power to heal the traumas of everyday disingenuous, loneliness, and isolation. It is the experience of “oneness” by having shared experiences, relatable feelings, and other similar ideas. It’s something we naturally gravitate towards and seek out, being intensely social beings. In the process of restoring a connection with others, we realize that we’re actually creating a connection with ourselves. By being seen and loved for who we are, how we think, and what we feel, we learn it’s okay to be as we are. According to Psychology Today, people who don’t experience human connection are more likely to suffer from depression and various other ailments, of both body and mind.

It doesn’t seem like something anyone would willingly put themselves through, but people do. One of the main reasons for that is fear. Most people believe a connection is something they have to earn by being “good enough”. However, in reality its something developed by being “willing enough.”  To connect to another human, we need to show them a part of our inner soul, and that is often difficult for many to exhibit such vulnerability.

Hyperconnectivity and Its Effects

Another aspect affecting the lack of meaningful connections is hyperconnectivity through digital media and social networks. That isn’t to say that social media is wrong — but your experience will be directly influenced by how you use them.

Social media provides us with an opportunity to make our lives look a bit more glamorous and polished, which removes the authenticity that is so essential to forming a human connection. However, those who mistake connection for attention on social media will have a harder time warding off depression, envy, and other negative feelings that might appear as a result of hyperconnectivity. Connection is so important, but it is so often overlooked and misunderstood, as seen with social media. There are few resources available to teach people how to foster real connection in their lives. For meaning to be cultivated through relationships and connections, understanding what it is, learning how to connect with others authentically, and focusing on giving connection- not receiving it.


Forming Authentic Connections

When it comes to creating an authentic connection, location is not as important as recognizing who is trying to connect with you. At the same time, to establish a relationship, you have to be prepared to reach out as well, and practice talking to someone.

Often this simple act of conversing, listening to the other person and offering something back is what leads to the forging of an affiliation. It is simply our willingness to show up as we are, and our trust that we will be taken care of. The best part about it is that the other person will remember you as someone that they were able to share a genuine moment. Authentic connections are as rewarding as they are difficult to obtain sometimes, but the effort is indeed worth it. It is our discernment to give our time and energy to those who respect and cherish it back.

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