What people love most about me is how much I remember about them

Almost every day a situation comes up where contact mapping completely saves the day. It’s so fun! I will run into somebody that I haven’t seen for a very long time and as I see them, and I will look in my database and I will remember everything going on in their life.

During the conversation I am going to repeat it verbatim what they told me the last time we spoke. About the kids having babies, what college their child’s going to, or the new job . Whatever it is that was great in their life or whatever it was that wasn’t going so well I have at my fingertips to bring up as a point of relatedness.

I can just see them going “Holy cow how does he remember all that?”  I can just see them going “Jeez I wish I remembered more about him so I can ask questions like that.”  And it’s like that all the time! And it can be the same way for you. It’s just a matter of putting that data in your phone with the timestamp and when you see them three years later it’s there and it looks like you have unbelievable recall. 

I have a friend named Buddy who has the best memory I’ve ever seen. He’s in his mid 60s and he’s always bringing up things we did when we were 20 years old. He remembers remembers times, he remembers dates,  he remembers everything like it was yesterday. And I’m constantly astounded because I because I know he’s not contact mapping me. He’s just that good at remembering events in his life. And it makes a huge difference with me.

I’m not blessed that kind of memory. But I do know how to type and put data into my phone. With the way we doing it now being able to speak into the notes, it is a no-brainer to stay on top of every contact you have.

I know so many of my friends like the fact that I remember so much about them. It might be what they liked most about me. I am now known for it. And it’s very cute when I’m around them they’re almost reminding me to tell a story about them in the old days. Because they remember it verbatim.

That’s just the power of the interview. It’s the power literally anybody can have. If you just learn the skills and learn how to use them powerfully and with integrity. This app and the system has to be used for good in the world. Use the wrong way it could be a very dangerous weapon. Our goal is to teach you to be kind, to be loving ,to be productive, and to have fun!

If you want to have some fun today before you take this project on, just go out in your circle of influence and look what people really remember about you. It won’t be much. But what’s more enlightening is when you do the same litmus test on what you remember about them. You’re going to realize you’re in the same boat. But then you’re going know that contact mapping is your solution to never having that problem again.