Meet people where they are

The key to contact mapping is going to every conversation with no agenda if possible. Where your only job is to get to know and serve that human being across the table from you. While still gathering as much data as you can in every interaction and mapping them becomes really really important. Most of the time when we have something on our mind that we’re trying to talk somebody into or convince about something they are not in the same mindset at that time.    And people really feel confronted when they think they are being sold all the time. They want to be heard and understood before they enter into any kind of transaction in relationships or in business.  

If you take the time to get to know them and figure out what they want at that particular moment they will tell you whether or not they are in a position to give you what it is you want that time. But with the data that you gather it will be just a matter of time before you can go back and seize the moment to get what you need. We usually made the mistake of interviewing people with their eyes. We don’t go deep enough to figure out if we what we think they need is what they really need and want. There are many things in my life I am searching for solutions for but sometimes when presented it isn’t the time I was able to hear them. When you have somebody completely contact mapped you can go back to them at the perfect time and give them what they said they want.

I really want to lose 50 pounds.  But nine out of ten days I am not able to hear the “advice” however well meaning, that people want to give me.  So I get insulted or mad at them  If they did have me mapped and knew when to bring up the conversation powerfully they would have a buyer on their hands.  Instead they just bomb me with what I already know.  

I will bet it’s the same in your life.   Think about conversations with your mother or your kids.  It’s got to be the right time.  And if you have enough info it’s much easier to know when that time is!

Think about the conversations you love versus the ones you don’t.  I’ll be it’s the ones where you are being listened to and not talked at.    

And the people you know feel exactly the same way.  It boils down to being interested instead of interesting and loving them where they are.    

Think about the people you like be around…and be that!