Welcome to Contact Mapping

My name is Tom Chenault. That may not mean much to you right this second but I hope it will after you read this. I have been what people are calling an “intuitive contact mapper” for over 45 years. All that means is the I have been very good at keeping track of literally everyone I have met along the road to where I am now.   

At the time, most of those connections probably didn’t make a lot of sense to map. There was really “nothing in it for me”.  But as time has ticked on, that “little black book” of mine has turned into my most valuable asset by a long shot.

My career has spanned from the restaurant business to selling airplanes to being a stockbroker to having a public relations firm to radio talk show host to my current life as a professional network marketer.

The only thing all those jobs and professions have in common are the people I know who got me to where I am. I know the value of my relationships and I cherish them deeply.   And you should too.

So what I am saying is this. WE are going to teach you to contact map. That means asking the right questions of people you know and meet. Finding out what is unique about them that may not show up on all of social sites and other contact managers you might use. Our goal is to have you have a proprietary, personal and searchable database that only you can control and utilize.

You may not know it now but before you are done with us you will understand that you have been underutilizing your greatest asset for years.   That asset is YOU.   Get ready for the ride of your life.